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Crassus by Crassus Mods

9 июля 2018 | Просмотров: 3 897

With Russian being my native language, I never thought that I will ever write a review using English language, yet this day finally came. But I can’t complaint,as I have a particular  reason for doing it different way — there’s plenty of Russian reviews on this mod and it’s well hyped out here in Russia, but being one of my favourite single mechanical tube it didn’t become popular elsewhere overseas, especially if we’re talking about such a huge markets like U.S. , United Kingdom, France, Italy etc. And it makes me sad, because these are the countries where products from companies like Complyfe ( no offense to them, but they use the same old fashioned button from year 2015) releasing multiple variations of absolutely identical mods with different look and people in vaping community are all over them. New battlefield in rainbow colour for 350$? Give me that! Silver plated HK24 for 2000$? Shut up and take my money!

For unknown reason, Europeans always bypassed devices made by Russian modders. I am not sure if there’s any political influence involved, but in my humble opinion Russians are so far ahead of any mechanical devices made in other countries of the world, that it is just weird seeing how people are ignoring beautiful pieces of art with real innovations in construction, these products are not only better constructively and with overall quality, but cost wise they are times cheaper than any alternatives.

Cutting the lyrics, today I want to tell the world about truly outstanding piece of Russian mod making — mechanical single tube mod Crassus, made by guy named Max, who runs the mod-making company of the same name » Crassus Mods». Crassus is not the first mechanical mod that was released by Max, two years earlier he was known for making mod Svarog, which was far from being perfect. But that’s exactly the reason why Max gets more respect from me, bloke listened to customer’s feedback, made a conclusion and released the product where all previous errors and mistakes where fixed.


But lets not jump over the head and start from specs. of Crassus

Specifications of Crassus Mechanical Mod

— Height: 107 mm
— Maximal diameter: 29.5 mm
— Minimal diameter: 27 mm
— Spring Loaded or Magnetic Button
— Button with empty space between the pin
— Works with 18650/20700/20650/21700 cells
— Permanent contact with your battery which leads to no arching
— Venting holes on the top of the tube
— Short circuit protection tube that covers any tear and wear on battery wrap
— Floating pin automatically adjust battery for no rattle
— Only one threading in the mod for increased performance

What’s in the box

Crassus mod arrives in black, sort of corrugated box, that opens/closes through  four magnets holding a side of box, it reminds me of old fashioned glasses case. On the front of the box you find CRASSUS inscription and motto of the company: »hold subohm resistance». All the details are very minimalistic and that’s what makes it attractive and solid in my  vision. Without opening the box, you can tell that it’s not hiding something cheap inside. I always said that packaging is what makes the first impression and it would be not clever underestimating it. Max obviously didn’t.

Box contains:

— 1x Crassus Mod
— 1x extra shorter button for 20700/21700 cells
— 1x shorter copper pin
-1x spring
— 2x Crassus Stickers

Overall Impressions

As I have mentioned before, it still surprises me that countries where cloud chasing and mechanical mods are quite popular, are simply ignoring existence of devices like Crassus. Unbelievable, that this mod is not known to general public and vaping enthusiasts. It not only surprises, but disappoints me, because taking Crassus mod as example, we are not getting another tube that’s been mass produced, but product that company’s owner put part of  his soul into. Yes, Crassus mod is probably not the mech mod for your daily needs and most likely you are going to use it mostly on special occasions, but if you define yourself as mechanical mod enthusiast, Crassus is a »must have» in your collection. FYI, I got brass version for review purpose, but you can also get aluminium edition as well.

First thing that you’re going to recognise about this tube is unique design, that some people may not like on the photos, but believe me, in 90% of occasions, it’s enough just to hold this tube for good 5 minutes and most likely you are going to change your mind about it. But not only design is unique about this tube, same is the internal mechanism,which I will tell you more about in pros and cons section.

So we’ll start with pro’s, simply because it has more positive, than negative sides:

— I always rate a quality of the vaping gear modders send me for a review. I’ve seen some good shit and bad shit, talking about the case with Crassus mod, everything is spot on and well made. Machining and tolerances are just on point, dimension of the button is just about the same as the internal tube, after you get the mod and it gets dirty in a week or so, expect it to lap up an inside of the tube. It’s just proves how high tolerances are and goes away after few polishes with lightly abrasive paste or 3000-7000 grit sandpaper.

— I absolutely adore the button of this thing. Permanent contact is »a must» on Russian mechanical mod market, but the way how Max implemented it, is simply fantastic. Pin is basically floating on the spring and has spherical shape that fits the hole in the button when you hit it. Because of this system it doesn’t matter on which part of button you put your finger on, pin will contact the same way. Button throw is quite long, which prevents mod of accidental autofiring in your pocket, I highly doubt it’s possible.  Overall, I have to admit that it is one of my favourite button throws compared to any other single tubes I owned, it’s not stiff, yet very smooth. Lastly, no need to adjust anything to avoid battery rattle, Crassus does it itself.

— Single tube modders were always divided into two camps. One camp were bothered only with high performance, while others were all about mod safety features. I like how Max took both things and created perfectly safe hard hitter. If you are using Crassus with 18650 battery, you have the delrin sleeve, which will prevent short circuit if your batteries wrap is damaged, works similar way as in Broadside mech. At the same time, this mod is one of the hardest fucking hitter I ever seen in my life. Seriously, you probably hear this about every other mod, but I mean it. Compare it to any Complyfe, AV or Rogue mods on the same builds and you’ll be surprised. Just for your information, last Vape Expo Cloud Chasing competition winner used Crassus. And Crassus also won »Best Mod» award on the same event…. And you still don’t own one and call yourself the cloud chaser? Shame on you!!!

— I am not a huge fan of any other battery format, but 18650, although the fact, that you have an option to use 20700/20650/21700 batteries can’t be ignored. I tested this device with all battery types and even 21700 sits perfectly. Big pro on variety of options.

— In the box you get two pins and two buttons, both different sizes. Shorter version is meant to be used with 20700/21700 batteries, but I found that you also can adjust the button throw by mixing and matching these parts. Try it yourself to find your sweet spot.

— I already mentioned performance of Crassus, but didn’t talk much about the reasons why. Not only because of  thick copper pin, but also because of only one threaded that affects electrical circuit. That only threading is your actual connector. That also means that if you want to remove the button for cleaning purposes, it needs to be pushed out through the top.

Quite a lot pro’s for unknown tube, don’t you think? Let’s give you a few cons, that I found in time of half year experience with Crassus….

And you got played lol!!! There’s none of actual specific negative sides about this mod.As I mentioned before, Max have put a huge effort in creating this beautiful tube. Best proof is that Max uses Crassus mod only… on daily basis… I have genuinely not seen him with any other mod in his hands and that’s how modders should represent and believe in their products. Although, there are few minor things that some of you may not like. It includes the design of the mod, not all the vapers that were shown pictures with Crassus, quite liked the look of it. Because of the unique design, also it’s not an easy job to find the matching atomiser for it. Personally, I found Goon V1 and CSMNT looking the best on Crassus, yet it’s just my personal preference.

And another thing that potential customers may not like is bulky size of it, but it’s the price we pay for opportunity to use different battery size formats, not only classic 18650. Let’s hope that future brings us Crassus Mini Edition.


I already said it twice, but I am really butthurt of seeing vaping community to ignore such a great mods and companies from Russia like Crassus, Benard, CVP and many others. Many of my foreign vaping buddies have no issues to pay over 300$ for devices, just because they are made in Europe or United States. In my opinion, vaping is what brought us together and it doesn’t need to have any limits, classified by the place it’s made. You have my word, that if you decide to go for Crassus, there’s pretty much no way you are going to be disappointed.

Max, you did an amazing job and walked a long journey from being most hated to one of the highest rated modders in community and I do hope that we will see many other insane projects from you and your company.

Go subohm, or go home!

Email: crassusmods@gmail.com (for wholesale and general inquiries)
Instagram: www.instagram.com/crassusmods
VK group (Russian social network): https://vk.com/crassusmods


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